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How to Book 2Go Travel & Superferry Tickets Online

One of the perks offered by 2Go travel is their online booking for the convenience of their passengers. Learning how to do Online Booking is also advantageous since some of the promo fares are only available for tickets bought online.

This tutorial aims to help you, the boating passengers, in reserving and booking your tickets online via 2go travel’s website.

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Guide to 2Go Online Booking

First, make sure that you have the following information for an easier transaction.

  • Origin (where you plan to board the ship)
  • Destination (where you want to go)
  • Complete Travel Date
  • Mode of Payment (you will be needing ATM or Credit Card to book online)

Please note that online booking needs ATM or Credit Card. If you don’t have any of the two, you can visit any accredited 2Go Ticketing offices near you to get your tickets.

Step 1: Visit travel.2go.com.ph and input your booking details

  • Choose your origin and destination in the drop-down menu, accordingly.
  • Choose your preferred travel dates – the drop-down menu will show you available travel dates, time, and the ship scheduled to sail to your destination.
  • Input the number of passengers – 1 is already input as a default
  • W/ Insurance? – this depends on you. If you want to travel with insurance tick yes and tick no if you preferred to travel with no insurance.

After you input all the needed information, click on Book Now. A page will pop up just tick OK to continue.

Step 2: Ship Accommodation

In this step, you can choose your desired ship accommodation. There are different types of accommodation with corresponding prices.

Specify the type of accommodation that you want by ticking on it. Once you tick on your desired accommodation, you will see the total amount of your accommodation which already includes the fees and taxes.

Click on continue if the total amount showed is fine with you.

Step 3: Passenger details

Fill in and complete your passenger details.

For senior citizen passengers, the OSCA ID number should be typed under the OSCA ID for the senior passengers to avail the discount.

Click continue. A new page will pop up. Make sure that the information and the total fare is correct then continue.

Senior Citizen passengers should present his/her Senior Citizen ID before boarding. If failed to do so, the passenger has to pay back the given discount.

Step 4: Contact Information

You need to input all the details needed and make sure that all information is correct before you tick on “I agree to 2go travel eTicket terms and conditions”. Then, click Confirm.

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Step 5: Payment

This page will let you choose between ATM and Credit Card as your mode of payment then click Continue.

A new Payment page will pop up. Make sure that the information is correct and fine with you before you click continue.

Once your payment is successful, your eTicket Itinerary Receipt will be sent to your email indicated in the contact information section.

Download and print your eTicket Itinerary Receipt. You need to bring and present this upon boarding.

Also, prepare the following documents before boarding as they serve as supporting documents for your eTicket.

For ATM Transactions

  • 2 copies of originally signed eTicket
  • Valid id of passenger

For Credit Card Transactions

  • 2 copies of eTicket (originally signed by passenger and CC owner)
  • Copy of valid id of CC holder
  • Copy of CC used in purchasing ticket (front only)
  • Copy of Passenger’s valid id

For more promo and shipping updates, like and share our facebook page; 2goticketsale.

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